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Indulgence…? Nah, not this dish!

A little something to keep you full until the next post…

Soft Scrambled Eggs with Caviar, Chives, Creme Fraiche and Truffle Salt

These are a favorite of Woody.  No, we don’t eat Caviar very often…but Woody does love the stuff.  It’s not like you can let a little leftover caviar go to waste.  In fact…most people might say they’ve never even heard of such a thing as “leftover caviar”.  (read: my mother might be one to lick the jar just to make sure that not a single little smidge went to waste)

The key is to start the eggs in a pan on very low heat…and go slowly.  Season as you go and never let the eggs brown…you may as well start over at that point.  (secret: I like my eggs cooked…like really cooked…like I can barely admit this…but I like my eggs to be browned and as my mother would say…they should bounce.  Now…don’t tell anyone this little secret.  I redeem myself by really enjoying perfectly cooking eggs for other people – fried eggs, soft and fluffy scrambled, over easy, poached – I just don’t really want to eat them myself.)  When plating the eggs, they should still be one mass…and not a whole bunch of bouncy browned pieces.  Top with a dollop of creme fraiche, sprinkle with chives and give a little drizzle of Truffle Salt if you’re lucky enough to have some on hand and make sure to serve while it’s still hot.

These eggs would be good with any one of the components of the dish…now throw them in there altogether and, well…it’s pretty much amazing…and ridiculous…and Woody better not get used to such a highbrow breakfast.  He’s in for big disappointment is this is the case…but don’t worry…I treat him well.

Until the pan hits the stove next…

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  1. Z #

    This looks good, but, I do feel that the caviar sounds like a bit of a waste and an unnecessary splurg!

    March 1, 2011

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