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Cole’s Smoked Trout Spread

Recipe tested twice and definitely worth a post.  We came up with this one on our own – originally for a Superbowl party…nothing says Superbowl like a small delicate tin of smoked dainty rainbow trout…we thought we’d add some diversity to the gathering.

Very basic ingredients – onion, scallions, mayo, lemon, cream cheese and smoked trout.  You can use any smoked fish…we’re a little partial to the Cole’s Trout.  Make sure to set the block of cream cheese out on the counter to soften up which will ease the mixing process.

We used 3/4 of a brick of cream cheese.  Add the fish to the bowl, we took the time to pull the skin (not visible in the photo) off the fish and used a little bit of the olive oil from the tin in the mixture.  Finely diced onions, a squeeze or two of lemon juice, salt, pepper, parsley, minced green onions…mix all together.  If the mixture if too stiff, you can add a small spoonful of mayo, or a little more lemon juice – either one will loosen it up.

Pack the mixture into a ramekin, package for travel, become hit at party for bringing yummy spread.  We ate it on triscuits…but thinly sliced baguette, flat breads, really any cracker would work well.  I don’t discriminate when it comes to crackers.  I like crackers a lot.  Dips, spreads, cheese…all an excuse to eat crackers.

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