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My eggs came from…New Zealand…??????

While perusing our local Whole Foods Market (aka Whole Paycheck)…I saw these…


Thought: they must be from a farm called “Frenz’s New Zealand – Free Range Egg Co.”  Not actually from New Zealand…the country…right…?  ‘Cause New Zealand is…ummm…I don’t know…a gazillion miles away from LA.  Why would you ever think that you should fly little fragile eggs from an island in the middle of the Pacific all the way to the coast of the U.S. to sell them in a high end market that supposedly tries to emphasize eating locally.  Eggs flown across an ocean are the opposite of local…add to that that eggs are a generic product that is not difficult to harvest or produce.  I’m baffled and disappointed.

Google maps couldn’t even give me directions from New Zealand to Pasadena…that’s how far it is.

As proof of my theory that they are not grown somewhere in THIS country and packaged as if they are from New Zealand – the address is in New Zealand.  In fact, I wonder about how *fresh* the eggs actually are…and no, I’m not going to pay close to $4.00 for 6 eggs and a side jet fuel.

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