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Eggs for breakfast…

I love cooking breakfast.  Something about getting up first thing in the morning and getting right to work – gas on, coffee dripping, oven heating, eggs cracking, batter mixing…it just feels like the day has begun and you’re on track.  I especially love cooking eggs – and not because I love eating eggs for breakfast – they’re not at the top of my list.  I love cooking eggs for breakfast…for other people.    Scrambled I like…all the other glorious ways of cooking eggs…my mouth is not really interested.  So…if you love eggs for breakfast and want someone else to cook them for you…come visit!  Lucky for me…my loving husband loves eggs in all forms.  So, weekend eggs are my way of using up what’s left in the fridge (thai curry eggs, mole eggs, italian huevos, etc.).

Eggs, leftover kalamata olive bread and “frying cheese” – have you seen this in the grocery store…it’s delicious and reminiscent of Costa Rican breakfast (gallo pinto, eggs, a sliced of pan fried cheese, platanos, various jugos and cafe).  This particular morning, I decided on sunny side up, sliced tomatoes, fried cheese, and toasted olive bread – Woody approved!

It was enjoyed with the required morning coffee, and a cutthroat game of dominoes.  I’m pretty sure I won…but I’m always pretty sure I won…regardless of the facts.

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