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Dinner last week…

Tamale Pie

Do you ever get those annoying pantry moths?  They infest your grains, flours, open boxes of cereals and crackers.  I hate these moths.  Mainly because I am never completely sure where exactly they are coming from.  I needed some airtight containers – Oxo now has some great ones that fit in our shockingly skinny pull out pantry drawer.  I’ve purchased some, but when you get right down to it, they are a little pricey – $7.99-$13.99.  I wanted to be sure what I was putting in them before I purchased.  This attempt at planning has resulted in weeks, maybe even months of back and forth from the store trying to remember exactly what size I would need for each item…powdered sugar, corn meal, oats, cornstarch, brown sugar, bread flour, pastry flour, semolina flour and on and on and on.  I digress.

As I was tossing the corm meal box, I noticed a recipe that appealed to my desire to find more casseroles that could be good additions to a dinner rotation during busier times.  I was intrigued.  And we had all the ingredients.

Tamale Pie – cornmeal mixture on the bottom baked for a bit to maintain its integrity.  Piled on top of that is a meat, bean and onion filling, topped with the rest of the cornmeal mixture, sprinkled with cheese until it is hot, melted and bubbly.

I wouldn’t say the dish was spectacular…in fact…it needs work.  But the general idea has promise.  The meat filling was the best component of the dish.  The cornmeal aspect ended up a little thick and just a bit gummy.

ps:  I’ve included the recipe here if you’re so inclined.  Please let me know what you think, or how you doctored it up.

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