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Lowcountry Fare & an Alligator

I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina at the beginning of the month…and after all the hoopla of getting tickets and registered for a training and all the planning that goes into a last-minute business trip…I took a breath and realized something.  This trip would be my first south of the Mason Dixon line and actually south of the DC.

Now, software training is not the most invigorating reason for travel…but what I did not realize was the multitude of joints, cafe’s, restaurants, crab shacks, bars, and dining venues that would be available to me in the city of Charleston.  We were bound by a shuttle to downtown from our hotel on Daniel Island and i should admit that two nights (forgive me)…we gave in to eating at the locale 50 steps away.  It’s not that this place in particular was bad, more that it is used to having a captive audience, has a strong pirate theme…like it feels like you’re on an old wooden boat and mostly, it is just nothing incredibly special.

So we went out.  We ventured and explored and took indecisiveness to a new level.

We wanted to eat here.

This place looked amazing.

We explored this store…I love kitchen supply shops!

We almost ate here…but the wait was 30 minutes for the patio.

Our first evening, we (finally) settled on this place.

Our indecision resulted in a time crunch and desperate hunger.  However, the requirements were seafood and sitting outside…as even at 7:45 pm, it was still 85° and muggy. We shared everything – calamari, steamed mussels and the local favorite – she crab soup.

The soup is similar to a bisque made with lady crab parts and roe, lots of heavy cream and finished with some dry sherry.  We found it on almost every menu we perused.


A few nights later we ventured into Charleston once again. Wandering the streets, we marveled at how all the shops closed by 5 pm sharp and how wonderful the night air smelled…with a hint of the ocean.

This place caught our eye – or Sangria caught our eye…one or the other.

I could have ordered at least 7 different things on the menu…we went with two.

Tomato Bread with Melted Fontina Cheese.

Sweet and Sour Shrimp served playfully in a takeout box with pickled carrots and a lightly sweet dipping sauce.

We wandered again, not completely full, but hoping for a pleasant walk and perhaps another interesting find.

Amen Street

I do love me a good gin and tonic!

That’s right…you’re looking at fried green tomatoes with a shrimp salad with a side of hot and sour okra and on the far right plate…shrimp ‘corndogs’ served with Carolina mustard and gherkins!

All of it was amazing.  I would travel back to Charleston…just for the chance to sample a few more of the restaurants and explore more deeply.  I was quite charmed.

It would not have been a complete trip without seeing one of these either…

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