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Dinner Last Week…

Some may scoff at posting such a simple dinner of Crazy Bugs and Broccoli…

However, this has been a standard for us since the early (and poor) days of grad school.  It’s very cheap (about $1.90 per box + the cost of a head of fresh broccoli), and due to the inclusion of green vegetables…is healthy.  Woody likes to spice it up with some sriracha, and with the arrival of summer, we’ve been enjoying our dinners on the back patio.

It is also important to note why we choose ‘Crazy Bugs’ as our box macaroni of choice.  First, I was never a fan of Kraft mac and cheese…not when I was 5, not when I was 11 and definitely not when I was in high school or college…the bright orange threw me off, the texture was gummy and thick and it just held no appeal to me.  After college…out on our own, Woody and I would have mac and cheese 2-3 times a week at least – but we stepped it up just a little with Annie’s brand shells and cheese.  Here’s my problem with the shells and cheese – the shells can fill with powdered cheese goo and prevent it from mixing in and becoming saucy – and then you get an explosion of concentrated cheese powder coating your mouth, immediately creating a dusty desert oral environment.  The shells also flatten and suction themselves to mixing spoons.  This lead us to find Back to Nature brand ‘crazy bugs’ which are ideal pasta vessels for somewhat real powdered cheese sauce because of their shape and texture.  Shape and form allow for maximum cheese coverage and easy pick up with a fork.

Okay – a little over the top for a post on boxed mac and cheese…but what can I say…it will always have a special place in my kitchen!


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