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Lunch…at home…Chicken Salad on Arugula

Best. Idea. Ever.

Summer is a time for letting things take a little longer…lounging for that extra half hour…rolling into work a few minutes late…(while, of course, not letting any deadlines slip by….or ignoring obligations…of course).  My coworker announced the other day that we would be enjoying our lunch hour at my house – not at our desks as usual.  I live close by…time-wise, it works…and it’s a significant mental break from the office and all the work that needs to get accomplished this summer.

I hadn’t brought a lunch with me that day…so it worked out perfectly.  I secretly may have been blaming my morning time crunch for not bringing leftovers…but leftovers can be a little scary sometimes.  I’m working on it.  So…on the menu…leftovers.

It was a chicken salad which I had quickly made with half a sliced chicken breast from a dinner that week.  I tossed in some chopped red bell pepper, some dill, salt and pepper and poof – delicious work day lunch.

I should really do this more often.

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