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We joined a CSA!

I have debated joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group for quite a while.  I was reminded of this and in a moment of quiet at work, did a little research and found more than one option…thrilled to have choices…I settled on Abundant Harvest.  Woody and I really enjoy a weekly trip to the farmer’s market…but I am keenly aware that the fall is the busiest time of the year for my work…and my level of energy for grocery shopping at the end of the day is low…really low.  So here is my reasoning.  If we have fresh ingredients in the house all the time…the likelihood of resorting to take-out a couple nights a week will be almost non-existent…if for no other reason than the guilt factor.

And the clincher was the flexibility of the Abundant Harvest CSA…it is all internet based, with weekly billing, the ability to cancel a week if you are out of town, two different size boxes, and the ability to add on additional items like eggs, raw milk, fair trade coffee beans, fresh local cheese and specific veggies…for those times when you need a couple pounds of eggplant for ratatouille.  All this for $21.08 a week.  Oh, the joy!

Each week, we pick up our small box at 10:15 am on Saturday morning.

It comes nicely wrapped in a collapsible box that we return each week when we pick up the next box.

This was the first layer, grapes, green leaf lettuce, and there were lots of treasures to unearth below!

I couldn’t resist.

Three weeks later, I’m loving our CSA…I’ve now got some butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash, black grapes, new potatoes, basil and lemon basil, asian pears, lots of red onions, and of course tomatoes.

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