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Euro Pane…I found my bakery!

Time for another favorite place of mine…

Euro Pane Bakery

This is a true bakery…where they also happen to make amazing sandwiches and salads.  The closest thing I’ve found in Pasadena to croissants and baguettes like they make in France.  Delicious.

Menu is simple and classic.  Breads are amazing, tarts are not overly sweet, and they even have completely authentic macarons!

Of course, you must have an Orangina with your sandwich (french accent).  [Side note:  Dear Orangina, I’m incredibly disappointed that the product sold in the United States includes high fructose corn syrup.  I regret to inform you that I will no longer by enjoying your citrussy bubbly drink unless I find the real thing…similar to only drinking Mexican coke.  Sigh!]

Our table provided a peek behind the counter.  And then…

…sandwiches arrived.  It may not look like anything special…but this is delicious roast chicken salad with some tarragon and yogurt on rosemary currant bread.  So good!  Woody enjoyed a meatloaf sandwich, although he was torn between that and their egg salad sandwich.  For anyone who enjoys a not-quite-hard-boiled-egg…this is the egg salad for you.  I promise…you won’t be disappointed.

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