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Roasted Pepper Hot Sauce – Hotter than you think!

It was inevitable.  Eventually we would open our box of weekly vegetables from our CSA, and find we had a whole lot of something that we aren’t quite sure what to do with.  Peppers.  Many peppers.  Please don’t misunderstand my conundrum…I appreciate peppers, I enjoy their flavors…in small quantities.  I’ve mentioned before that I have a little problem with spice.  As in heat…I am a complete and total self-admitted pathetic wuss when it comes to spicy heat!  I’m trying, really, I am!

After holding onto them for a few days…hoping they would make themselves into some wonderful dish…we finally knew what to make.

Inspired by our local taco joint, and their amazing hot sauce made purely of crack goodness that Woody has often considered offering them cash for one of squeeze bottles of sauce…hot sauce it was.

We started out roasting the peppers to mellow their flavor just a bit.  We used bell peppers, jalapeños and serrano peppers.  The skins are easy to remove; once you’ve blackened the skins, place the peppers in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  This steams the pepper and helps the skin release.  After the peppers have sat for 10 minutes, the skins should peel off easily and a little running water can help the process along.  I de-seeded a few of the peppers and then threw everything into the blender together.

Peppers , garlic, onions, lemon basil (’cause we had some) and cilantro went, I added a little olive oil, a little vinegar, and of course salt and pepper.  BEWARE…when you remove the blender lid after puréeing, don’t lean over and take a deep breath of the hot sauce fumes…it went straight to my eyes and throat…and Woody laughed.  I made him sample a bit, we adjusted the seasonings and called it good.

For dinner that night, I made cornmeal crusted pan-fried tilapia with a quick pico of onions and cherry tomatoes served with cilantro rice and black beans, some roasted spaghetti squash and sliced avocado with a dollop of sour cream.  Unfortunately, I can’t always stop everyone else from digging in to get a few pictures…so the photo below in my plate…and therefore the hot sauce does not make an appearance on my plate.  Details!


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