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Happy Birthday Little Blog!

Onions and Chocolate turns 1 today!  That’s pretty old for a little project that came out of a dare.

(photo courtesy of Patchwork Harmony)

So…1 year down…who knows how many more to go.  There were some 63 posts, 56 categories and 265 tags.  I look back on all this blogging…and think quite a bit about all the posts that didn’t go up…and all the dishes that weren’t photographed.  Sometimes, it was due to lack of time, or lack of energy…but other times it was due to the company present.  It is hard to pause it the midst of entertaining…and take a hundred photos of what your guests would really like to be eating…while it is still warm.  I’m hoping to continue to work on this little project…learning more bits and pieces of digital food photography…figuring out lighting tricks, collecting some more dishware and tablecloths and napkins, but mainly….I’m really hoping to post more…which is just a sneaky way of saying…all I want to do is cook more, bake more, learn more and of course eat more.

I have a small obsession with salt…so much so…I’ve earned myself the nickname Old Salty when I worked in the field as a wilderness guide as well as having my brothers kindly name a home-brew beer after me for my 30th birthday – Old Salty’s Halfway to Sixty Extra Special Bitter. Such genuinely sweet brothers!  I have been known to carry my own stash of kosher salt around with me, and had many a joke for it as well.  Which is why I was so pleased to stumble upon this post on a site I was drawn to immediately from the name alone…Not Without Salt.  And yes, I realize carrying around my own small container of various salts is somewhat precocious…but I can’t agree with the author more when she writes “A few flakes of Maldon and your dinner is saved.”

So here is to anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, momentous occasions., and traveling with small containers of delicious salts…just in case!  Cheers!  I can’t wait to see what year two has in store!

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