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We’ve met someone new…Hello Moccamaster!

Dear Krups coffeemaker – we’ve enjoyed a relationship with you for the last few years, but lately, you’ve been disappointing us.  You always did know exactly when to start brewing our morning cup with your timer, but sometimes the coffee just wasn’t right.  It’s not that you weren’t trying.  Sometimes, it might have even been our fault…for not getting the right coffee, or grinding the beans perfectly.  You probably noticed that we weren’t using you as often, and that we frequently slipped out a few minutes early to make sure we had time to fill our travel mug with brew from a shop along the way to work.  It wasn’t really cheating…we just had needs, and you weren’t fulfilling them.  Don’t worry, we’ll still see you occasionally…we’ll stash you away in the garage, maybe invite you to a brunch or a dinner party every so often…or if we have houseguests…we’ll make a space for you on the counter.  But, we’ve found a new love.  The Technivorm Moccamaster with a thermal carafe.  Krups, it’s over.  We’re dating Moccamaster now and there just isn’t room for you both!

“The brewing quality of our coffee makers is beyond dispute and guaranty a first class beverage due to the fact that brewing temperature and water/coffee contact time as well as holding temperature are in accordance with the critical requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Centre and the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Europe.”           – From the Technivorm website

We first learned about the Technivorm from Woody’s Dad – and we were not disappointed with our first brew this morning.  All the good of coffee without any of the bad – no worries about bitterness, harsh or burned flavors.  Just a delicious, perfectly balanced cup of coffee.

The entire contraption can be taken apart piece by piece, and is incredibly simple in design.  We opted for the thermal carafe, as additional heating can change the taste of coffee…and it comes with a completely sealable lid, which means we could take the coffee with us…I don’t know where exactly we’d take it…but it is an option!

The water is heated to between 195º to 205º fahrenheit, and then carried in the metal spray arm to even wet the grinds and slowly soak through them and drip into the carafe.  There is a cover, but you can monkey with the grinds (as Woody is doing) and stir them a bit.  Another feature is the ability to shut off the drip valve and let the grinds soak a bit…so you can also pour a cup with the brew process being complete.

The lid on the carafe also allows you to pour through it.  We doctored up the coffee and enjoyed the best cup we’ve had in quite a while.  I snatched up some locally roasted coffee for the inaugural brew from Jones Coffee Roasters.

And then we sat down to enjoy our mugs!

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  1. giselle #

    Next time you’re here we’ll have to go to Rustica. Best coffee in Minneapolis, and they make it with a Clover! Miss you!!!!

    June 5, 2011

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