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Oh my, how the summer flies…

So we’ve been traveling a bit this summer.  Not a lot, but enough to throw off the routine…enough to make us forget which day of week it is…and just enough to provide more photos and projects than I have had time to post.  (read: explanation for my lack of regular posts from this summer)  One of the things I love about traveling, and returning for visits to locations that are familiar is returning to some favorite spots, digging into a favorite dish that you just can’t find anywhere else.

We found ourselves in Minnesota for a few days, and I had to make sure we squeezed in a meal at Punch Pizza.  I am well aware that this is a chain…but it is local to Minnesota…and I think they have a great business model and an impressive product.

Their whole gig is Neopolitan Pizza…made like you are in Italy.  And in fact, it is the closest thing I’ve tasted to the pizzas I enjoyed in Rome when I traveled there in 8th grade.  Crust, San Marzano tomatoes, a few toppings and fresh cheese…that’s it.

It is amazingly fast, since the wood-fired oven remains at a toasty 800º Fahrenheit…and if you left a pizza in for more than 90 seconds…you’re pizza would be unrecognizable as food…and certainly inedible.

My favorite topping of all time is olives…and more recently…green olives.  I can’t get enough of them.  I ordered the Napoli and added green olives.

Woody ordered a Toscano – roasted red peppers, sausage, basil and cracked red pepper.

My only complaint with this place is that the experience is over so quickly…there’s hardly any time to really drool and anticipate your pizza being brought to the table…they’re just so damn fast.  And I wish they could open a location in Pasadena…is that really asking too much?


Hey Ma…Look at me!

Okay…this is a little bit of tooting my own horn…but when you’re excited sometimes you just have to share that excitement with other people.  So…this whole blogging thing has been a fun new adventure…and actually is still pretty new, but I’m really enjoying it.  I read a lot of other food blogs and always enjoy seeing what they’re cooking, what they are inspired by, what they are eating, what’s at their farmer’s markets, and all of their stories that are their life…in food.  I’ve also really enjoyed seeing the number of people visiting my blog creeping up a little over the last 6 months…it’s exciting to know that 24 people looked at your little website all in the space of one day – even if most of my readers are related to me…and perhaps feel some sort of supportive compulsion to stop by and see what I’ve been cooking.  I’m rambling.  Really what I’m getting at…is it’s nice to be recognized…and maybe it’s not the first…but it is the first I know about…someone has purposefully placed a link to one of my blog posts in their own blog post…which includes a photo of one of my dishes dish – seriously!

You can see it for your very own self right here.

Also, I’ve been submitting photos to Tastespotting and a few have been published, and many rejected…but i appreciate the feedback on my photography and it’s my favorite site to visit for inspiration of what could be on my plate in the next week.  You can specifically find my photos on the site here

Enough, enough…I know.  But I have been having a lot of fun blogging…and it’s nice to know others are enjoying my blog, my recipes, my photos, and maybe even my writing.

Thanks for reading…and sticking around for what’s up next!

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