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Let’s get one things straight…I am not an expert on cameras, photography, food photography, lighting, lenses etc.  But I want to be.  Not really.  I would really like to take photos that truly convey the food that I am cooking and enjoying.  I’m always learning and frequently taking way too many photos.  This leads to me spending way too much time sorting through, post-processing and pondering the differences between a couple photos that were all taken within a few seconds of each other.

I use a Canon Digital Rebel Xsi.  I love this camera…and of course I long for the extremely expensive EOS 5D Mark II…but my digital rebel has been my sidekick and has helped me grow.  It is perfect for those starting out (using the automatic settings) and for those who are learning how to adjust all the various functions of a camera (ISO, WB, aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, etc.). 

Although, I love my kitchen, it is challenged in the natural light department.  There are no exterior walls that border the kitchen and therefore any windows providing natural light are across another room, or a few feet away.  Initially frustrating, I think I have become a better photographer for it…and will keep tweaking.  Another challenge due to working a 9 to 5, is that I am typically cooking in the late afternoon and evenings…when natural light is scarce at best.

Until recently, I was using the lens that came in the Rebel Xsi kit (I know…anyone who knows anything doesn’t buy the kit…but I did).  I now have a fabulous Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens that I love…

…and a slightly redundant Canon EF 50mm Macro f/2.5 lens…I also love this lens.

I’m still learning and experimenting and searching out new tips and tricks.  Also important to note, is that as of yet, I have not used photoshop at all for any of my photos.  Any post-processing is minor tweaking in iPhoto using the ‘adjust levels’ function.

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